With the availability of mobile phones and constant access to the internet, the reach of online casinos spread like wildfire throughout the world. However, if you are new to the term “Online Casino” and are curious on how it is different from physical casinos, this is the best article for you to read to understand what are the differences between online and physical Casinos. 



If you are from an area with no nearby casinos, you may need to take a short trip just to enjoy the services provided and an outlet for gambling. This is especially true if you are living in countries where there may be only a few states where gambling is legal. Take for example, A country like Malaysia (well-known for its beautiful beaches, lush & virgin rainforests) only has one gaming operator (Genting) and as a result, people from all over the country may need to spend money on travelling and lodging to be able to sate their desire to gamble. This may be seen as a luxury for many people. However, for online casinos, users will only need a good internet connection and mobile phones or tablets and they’ll be able to access similar services anywhere from the working office or at the comfort of your own home. As a result of its accessibility, it will cost a lot less for the individual as they do not have to spend on both travelling and hotel fees.



For physical casinos, while there are various membership levels ranging from normal to Platinum or VIP status, these incur a hefty annual fee which keeps the casinos afloat. Customers who are not entitled for the higher ranged membership may not be able to experience the casinos fully due to the restrictions that come with different levels. Most online casinos however will only require a one-time payment or top-up and the user will instantly transform into VIP status without being downgraded as there is practically zero annual or maintenance fees.



If you have any form of Casino membership, you’ll most definitely come across various promotions and discounts when visiting any casinos. These promotions may range from discounted room bookings to free rooms during off-seasons. While having free rooms may be nice if you’re looking for some time to relax on your off days, they do not provide any form of incentive for the casino games. In contrast to physical casinos, sites like Maxim88 or 918Kiss will provide various sign-up bonuses or even additional credits when reloading your account. This gives a higher chance for gamblers to win big as there will be more opportunities to use those incentives. Some may even provide free sign-up where you do not need to use any cash at the start while the casino lets you try out their platform so that you can gauge the performance of each casino. Since the industry is competitive in nature, users can shop around from time-to-time and see which operator offers better benefits that suits the user’s playstyle. 



One of the biggest contrasts between physical ones and online casinos is that if you’ve ever been to a casino more than once, you may notice that they do not change their design often apart from the festive seasons where they put on decorations and ornaments. Whereas online casinos (such as BK8) can have an overhaul in its design to update its looks during any season. This means that it may even look totally different every quarter to ensure that users will experience a fresh new look every time. Most of the site will have their engineers putting in a lot of effort  to make various new and exciting games.



The last point that we will need to consider is the security and safety of casinos. Every once in a while, we hear stories such as kidnapping, burglary or even hostage situations happening at the doorstep of casinos. This is because a lot of these criminals know that people who frequent casinos will bring a lot of cash with them which makes them easy targets. Other than that, some of the ATMs may even be bugged by criminals to register your credit card and even pin numbers so that they can proceed with cashing out your entire account. On the other hand, since online casinos can be accessed remotely from literally anywhere, there is very little need to be afraid of being in one of these situations. Moreover, with the rise of blockchain technology, these secured transactions conducted in the platform are anonymous and will not be tracked by authorities making it the safest way to gamble.

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