Top 10 Ways To Cheat in Poker

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “I have an ace up my sleeve” then you already know something about one of the oldest cheating tricks in poker. From switching cards to colluding with friends and stealing chips, people have never stopped improvising ways to beat the game of luck and skill. Since cheating is highly unethical and can lead to an undeserved win, we decided to list the top 10 ways people are cheating at poker so you can watch out!


Top 10 Ways To Cheat in Poker
Top 10 Ways To Cheat in Poker


 Common Methods:

One of the most common methods of cheating is collusion or working together with another player, or in some cases, the dealer, to collectively win more. Collusion with friends includes two or more friends playing at the same poker table. Before approaching the table, the ‘friends’ develop their discreet signals for different situations that might arise. On the other hand, collusion with the dealer means working together with the dealer to rig the game in ways that give advantage to a particular player.  Colluding with friends often happens in online poker, but it’s almost impossible to collude with the dealer virtually.


Another two classic cheating methods that people have been using in poker include; marking cards and switching cards. Marking cards involves altering the size or the look of the cards and usually the markings go into such details that it is very hard to detect with the naked eye. Another classic way and one of the oldest to cheat is; switching cards. In this method, players switch the cards that they were dealt with aces. This means that players have to bring their cards to the game to make the switch at the right moment.


The fifth method of cheating involves stealing other players’ chips. This happens in several instances and sometimes involves the dealer. This method requires sleight of hand in attempting to take the chips straight from other players’ pots. Every time players move their chips in the pot, they risk the chance of their chips being stolen. The opportunity usually arises when a player places the wrong amount (less) of Chips, and so they collect back more chips than they bid.


A sixth way to cheat in poker includes rigging the deck. This popular cheating method directly involves the dealer since they have access to the deck of cards and deal with the hands. Dealers rig the deck by dealing one player a much stronger hand, giving the player an advantage over all other. In this cheating method, the dealer usually marks the card in a certain way to help them deal accordingly.


The seventh method of cheating is known as ghosting which involves players receiving advice from friends. This method is most commonly used in online casinos where players can have friends sit next to them and advise them on how to play their hands.


The eighth cheating trick is more alternative and involves online poker. Online players can cheat by creating multi-accounts. This means that a single player has several real money accounts at a single poker room. Players sign up with multiple accounts to utilize the first deposit bonus offerings. This doesn’t affect other players but mainly the casino provider.


The ninth trick in our poker cheat sheet is poker bots. These are computer programs that play poker online and are known to have won the majority of heads-up fixed limit Texas Hold’em cash games against poker professionals. Finally, online poker players can cheat by viewing hole cards. Seeing the hole cards of an opponent can help win every hand, or at least avoid losing money when dealt a bad hand. Players can obtain information on the hole cards of the opponents if they have access to the poker server which stores this kind of information. 


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