SCR888 is an online casino available on both Android and iOS. By definition, it’s a game of luck. The purpose of these online casino games is to help people win money in the long run. But one should not leave everything on chance. They need to know a few strategies which will help them make money with less loss and more winning.


Good Slot Strategy:

This strategy will help you reveal how to find and exploit ‘weak spots” of each slot machine.


Slot Tips:

To score a good payday, you need to focus on the strategy because SCR888 slots are not random. Common sense and experience are required because in situations when you can’t rely on math and probability, only one thing is your savior- your brain.


Setting Records:

It is essential. Hence excel is used commonly. Otherwise, Google spreadsheets are a good alternative. This accounting trick will keep you in boundary and prevent you from overspending. You must enter both limits along with profit and loss with dates.


One of the most commonly raised questions is- How much money should be carried to casinos by the players?

For that, a player has to set upper and lower limits of the amount they need to invest in SCR888 slots.

  1.   Upper limit: when you have reached your first check of winning money, YOU STOP.
  2.   Lower bound: it is the smallest amount you can afford to lose.

This way, you will be playing the SCR888 casino game in a safe zone, which will bring you more winning experiences.


Bank Roll:

BankRoll is the prime way to help you stay consistent in gambling. According to professionals, it’s an “art.” You should not get into it if you have a poor or no knowledge of bankroll management, to prevent you from setbacks.


The Pay Lines:

They are an asset to distribute rewards when you are playing SCR888 online or on your phone. You represent all pay lines simultaneously, but this does not conclude that playing all pay lines is the most effective strategy of winning.


Betting Slots:

knowing your upper and lower limits defines the amount you can bet. The factors on which your size of the bet depends are:

  •     Bankroll
  •     Rounds per Minute (RPM)
  •     limits
  •     bets allowed in the game
  •     ‘coin value.’

Small bets are most useful in engaging in long sessions.


Using Casino Bonuses:

Pick the best offer and add free games to your session, which will increase the probability of winning money on SCR888 slots.

        The best options for bonuses are:

  •     Free spins with wagering requirements of 30x or less
  •     No cap on winnings
  •     Free spins allowed along with zero wagering requirements
  •     No cap on winnings
  •     All other bonuses (incl. free money ones)
  •     Free spins along with zero wagering requirements


Formula To Win At Online Slots:

  1.   Deposit EUR / USD / GBP 60 into your gaming account.
  2.   Use only 1/3 of the total on your slots session.
  3.   With a Lower Limit of 20 (60/3), select games with the best Return to Player
  4.   Set an Upper Limit depending on your total bankroll. Then choose the best size.



  To continue playing, restart the process from zero.

  •     Move all the money with your winnings back to your account.
  •     Set a new bankroll.
  •     Restart according to the above formula.