The greatest casino scams in history

Like banks, casinos are one of the targets for criminals to make fast money. But unlike banks where robberies require force for criminals to commit it, as for the nature of casino scams means it is easier for sophisticated attacks where attacks can just walk into a casino and acts as a customer while they just go on with their plans. 

As the Internet grew throughout the years, this problem has been made even smaller. Scammers nowadays do not have to go to a physical casino to roll out with their plans. Fortunately, physical casino’s security has been really properly trained for scammers or criminals when they try to pull a fast one for both online casino and physical casino. However this will not stop scammers or criminals from committing their crimes and casinos whether online or physical ones has invested in millions every year in protecting their customers and their business from these criminals.

Casino scams requires a very detailed and meticulous planning and huge nerves to pull off these scams off the radar. While some scammers failed to get their plan to work, there are some scammers who got their plans to work by using intelligent ways to even very brazen wasy to scam the casino. Here are some of the greatest casino scams done by some scammers or criminals and succeeded in pulling them off 


  • The Roselli Brothers

The Roselli  Brothers are one of the most recognised casino scams in history where they manage to scam an amount of 40 million USD from casinos across the US without losing any of their own money. The scam relied on the brothers forging their identities of unsuspecting clients to build up their credit terms to the casino that they have targeted. After cashing out the money out of the accounts, the brothers vanished. Leaving the casino to continue the innocent individuals names whose identity has been stolen. By the time they had figured out, scam has been going on, their attempt to try to trace the Roselli Brothers were not a success and they did trace them down, the brothers had already passed away. The true identities of the brothers are still unknown until today.


  • Cannes Contact Lenses

In 2011, a group of 4 gamblers with the intent to go to the casino of Cannes are confident to pull one of the smartest ways to scam casinos in casino history. Through their effort, they managed to walk away with 84,000 USD. the group is made out of three Frenchmen and an Italian. The Frenchmen secretly marked the cards while poker using invisible ink to mark the cards according to the symbols. Then later, the Italian man came to the poker table to play while wearing a special contact lenses which were designed to make the invisible ink visible while he was playing. The plan was undetected at the beginning but like any other human blindly with greed, the unsuspicious became suspicious. When the group of con-men made their return to the casino, the management was notified with a suspicious sequence of wins. The italian man had the same winning streak in a short amount of time for the authorities to start an inspection. The authorities were able to discover that the cards have been marked. They also took some time to find out the mechanism to detect the ink. When they had finally discovered that the contact lenses worn by the Italian man, they finally get the picture and sentenced the group of con-men to a lengthy sentences.


  • Radio Roulette Ball

Ths scam took place in the 1970s. A roulette dealer of a casino in France was starting to have an interest in amateur radio. He thought it could be used to make money at the expense of his employer. So, he recruited his brother-in-law and his sister-in-law. The deal created a bank of scammers to test the security of the casino to its limit. They used weightless radio receiver and a small transmitter where the dealer devised a mechanism to trigger the roulette ball to fall to a certain number. With this, the accuracy came out across a range of 6 outcomes accurate. They engineered the weightless radio receiver into the roulette ball and the transmitter into a pack of cigarettes. After earning over 1 million USD in a week. But unfortunately, the sister-in-law has caught the attention of the casino, who was at that time interested with her. She rejected the owner’s advances and this made the management to even pay close attention to her where they related her to the increasing roulette losses. So they decided to start an investigation and keep the authorities on standby. After eliminating some of the scam strategies, the management began a search for radio frequencies, they finally found out  how these group of people are scamming the casino and had arrested those who are involved.


  • Pai Gow John

Even after hearing the name Pai Gow John, the feeling of suspicion is already there. John has travelled across the States on a recruitment mission where he tries to recruit impressionable dealers to open to the idea of cheating with him and join him and after the extensive recruitment, he was able to have a number of 30 dealers who are willing to join his gang. The dealers who are with John pretend to shuffle the decks but in reality it is in a fixed order. At the same time, another dealer would play at the table and when they light up a cigarette as a cover to whisper the instructions into a microphone hidden up their sleeves, the audio is received to another player in the table. From here, they are able to use the information they get to influence their betting decisions. This scheme had worked tremendously, where John and his gang manage to sweep up a whopping 7 million USD from different casinos before they got caught. The management made a thorough review on the security camera footage and manage to see the suspicious acts of John and his gang. Many of the 30 dealers who followed John are still serving jail time to this day for their involvement in the scam.


  • The Cutter Gang

In 2011, the Cutter Gang scammed casinos across the US and the Philippines with baccarat which was their game of choice. As a practice in the game, players are invited to cut a deck of cards when the dealers is shuffling it. The Cutter Gang managed to separate the cards and pick up information about the cards from a small camera in their sleeves. Once the cards are cut, the person who cut the deck earlier would excuse themselves from the table to pass the camera to another player on the table. The player will be well informed from the information they received and make more informed bets. But this scam was identified in Cosmopolitan Casino Las Vegas and the members are held by authorities while waiting for the pending to continue the investigation. But the authorities are unable to arrest the gang due to the lack of evidence. So the Cutter Gang was released but shortly after were caught again in the Philippines and they also manage to escape custody. The Cutter Gang still remain in a large number till this day.


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