Players beware! Below Are The Listed SCR888 Casino Scam


This is a heads up message from the team at SCR888. Lately the SCR888 customer service team had received a large wave of messages complaining about scams and cheating from our side, we had set out to investigate this and had found out that there have been multiple online casino sites that used the name SCR888 without our permission, and their goal is to scam scr888 players with our name. This is a scummy behaviour and we at SCR888 certainly do not condone it. If you have come across any of these suspicious online casinos, please let us know so that we can report them. We urge our players, too, to report these online casinos so that they can no longer SCR888 scam other players.


The team at SCR888 are definitely heartbroken to hear that there are already hundreds of online players out there that have fallen for these scams, we advise our players to be more cautious online. It has always been SCR888’s goal to be the most trusted and reliable online casino site in not only Asia, but the entire world as well. We understand that this is a difficult task, seeing how there are multiple competitors out there that had set out to sabotage our goal. Anyone who had spent time with us, the official SCR888 online casino, would know that customer service, customer feedback and customer satisfaction had always been our top priority. The team at SCR888 work hard to provide a safe platform for online gamers to participate in our awesome games without worry, any casino patrons leaving our site with an unhappy frown would be the last thing we wish for.


If you noticed any suspicious activity from an online casino claiming to be a partner of SCR888, we advise that you abandon the site immediately before reporting them to us. We will solve this problem as soon as possible, so please stay patient and we apologize for the inconvenience. Based on numerous online casino watchdog sites, the blacklisted online casinos that operate under our name are as follows:

You too can help us expand this list and warn other new players in the online gambling scene. Online gaming should be fun and safe, the fact that there are people out there looking to exploit new players that just want to join in on the online casino hype and have fun is just plain wrong. If you wish to claim back the money you have lost, why not check out all the promotions that we offer? We have free credits and free cash giveaways daily for our dear SCR888 members. Again, we are truly that such a thing has to happen. We hope this will not affect your decision to support us, we would love to give back to our loyal supporters, and this obstacle is certainly regrettable. For more information, visit our official SCR888 website to read more about how we protect our casino patrons’ money and information. 

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