Another Woman Loses RM150,000 To AngPow Scam

It seems like the news of more people getting scammed via online sites and other means increases daily. Recently, another woman lost her life savings of approximately RM150, 000 to a scratch & win scam. Although this is a new victim, does it really deter others from trying out different gambling types?

Gambling is slowly becoming the order of the day, as there is a high demand for their services, especially online. According to research, the online gambling industry was worth over $45 billion as of 2016, and that number seems to be increasing.

As much as there are a lot of benefits in online gambling, there are risks as well. A lot of people engage in online gambling for fun and to make some extra cash. These reasons, alongside the fact that you can gamble in the convenience of your home, makes it perfect.

Hence, you can have a fun time without necessarily moving to a specific location. However, the risks are more detrimental.


Another Woman Loses RM150,000 To AngPow Scam
Another Woman Loses RM150,000 To AngPow Scam


The Risks Involved In Gambling

With online gambling has a steadily growing clientele base, the risks become worse as the day goes by.

Here are some potential risks you have to be wary about;

Patience & Zero Control

One of the major things you need to note about online gambling is the fact that you need patience. Online gambling is a virtual world, and it usually involves a lot of procedures before you can access whatever your earnings might be.

Also, you need to keep in mind that you have zero control of the game. Thus, you aren’t sure about how fair a game might be. As a matter of fact, sometimes, when you play a game, you might be setting yourself up to lose. 

Illegitimate Websites

The internet is essentially available to anyone, including scam artists. Thus, gambling online makes you susceptible to rogue operators of online sites. You can lose all your earnings, as well as more money if you come in contact with such scam operators.

Aside from online gambling, the world is crawling with other forms of scammers from lottery tickets, roadside tricksters, and even a scratch & win scam. A good example is a woman who went shopping and left without her entire life savings of RM150, 000!

According to the woman, who is over 70 years old, she was stopped by a man while she was shopping. He informed her that they were handing out Angpows to customers presently. He then asked her to pick out of some red packets and told her she had won some hundreds of ringgits in cash & bonus points.

He, however, promised that she could get even more if she does a lot more shopping. She then went to a nearby bank to withdraw all her savings (RM150 000) and handed it to him. Sources reported that he asked her to wait while he asks a money changer to exchange the money for smaller notes to enable her to continue shopping.

After waiting a while, she realized she had been scammed and filed a Police report.

Wrapping It Up

There are different online gambling platforms. However, you need to be careful so that you don’t fall into the wrong hands.


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