$30 Million Lawsuit Against Stones Gambling Hall & Mike Postle For Alleged Cheating 

Recently, a famous cardroom in California has been accused of cheating some gamblers of their earnings. The cardroom, known as the Stones Gambling Hall, has been named in a $30 million lawsuit centered on a cheating allegation.

Twenty-four gamblers came forward with the allegation about being swindled financially while playing a game of poker. A name that comes to the lips of the victims has consistently been Mike Postle. He is believed to have information regarding the hole cards during a variety of Stone Live Poker Cash game streams. Lawsuit against Stones Gambling Hall Mike Postle Cheating.


Mike Postle For Alleged Cheating
Mike Postle For Alleged Cheating


Analysis Of MikePostle’s Game

According to the analysis carried out, Mike Postle’s poker game was so extraordinary. As a matter of fact, it was believed to be multiple degrees higher than that achieved by the best poker players globally.

It is also believed that Postle’s partner in crime must have been a part of the technical staff. Thus, he must have had access to a system that transmits player’s cards for broadcast, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system.

Although the players are certain of who Postle’s partner might be, they are refraining from making an allegation against him. This is until they gather enough information through the discovery process. However, the accomplice has been labeled “John Doe 1” for reference.

Even though the cardroom itself hasn’t been accused of being complicit in this case, Stones has continually tried to water down the complaints. Thus, giving the impression that Postle is a gifted player with impeccable, incomprehensible skills when compared to the average person.

What Is The Discovery Process?

Simply put, the discovery process entails analyzing hands and the statistical impossibility that was Postle’s game. This is being done in different forums and blogs by renowned poker bloggers like Doug Polk, Matt Berkey, and Joey Ingram. Although Postle didn’t ace every session, he played in streams during a period when “John Doe 1” was absent.

According to the lawsuits, during those specific periods, Postle’s play was a bit average. However, other times were different. It was said that his play wasn’t fathomable in the world of professional poker, as every “guess” and decision making was done for his benefit always! 

As a matter of fact, the lawsuit states that;

“In short, Mr. Postle’s poker winnings – considered in the prism of both metric and hand-for-hand decision making – on Stones Live Poker have been not merely outliers, but, in fact, exponential outliers, representing a quality of play multiple degrees higher than that achieved by the best poker players in the world.”

Reports say Postle has been estimated to have won over $250,000 during each session.

To Wrap It Up

According to the suit, Postle only played the live poker stream sessions by Stones and none other. Also, he never played normal games as every other person did. The plaintiffs believe that Postle either received information about the hole cards with his mobile phone, which was usually concealed under the table.

Another scenario suggests a communications device planted in his baseball cap. Therefore, the complaint filed a suit for fraud, racketeering, negligence, and unjust enrichment against Postle and his unnamed accomplice(s).

Also, it alleges negligence on the part of the cardroom & an accusation of fraud against Stone’s poker room manager, Justin Kuraitis. Thus, the Plaintiffs are seeking damages of $10 million from Postle, $10 million from Stones Gambling Hall, and $10 million from Kuraitis.


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December 12, 2019