Important Things About Online Casino You Should Be Aware Of

It is to no surprise that there are hundreds and thousands of online casinos made available nowadays. Most if not all of these are eager to take your deposit. But not every one of them are keen to give your money back, attaching numerous terms and conditions designed to make it difficult to claim your entitled share of money. These are the type of casinos you may want to avoid.

So, the question then becomes, how do you pre-determine these casinos? Which are the ones which are safe to join? To this, the easiest way is by searching for a casino blacklist. These casinos are added onto the list as a result of complaints received by customers on how they were being mistreated, with evidence, of course. 

However, there are no universal blacklist provided and each of the lists will differ. Nonetheless, there should be some commonalities between the lists and these are probably the ones that you want to steer clear of. 

Apart from looking at casino blacklists, there are other main pointers that helps you determine whether that particular online casino  is safe to join: 


  • Unfair games

A scam casino will try their best to rip off their customers or design schemes with the sole end goal to benefit themselves (at others’ expense). A scam casino may also tweak their free practice games to favor players to encourage them to play the lesser “fair” paid games.


  • Non-payment

It almost goes without saying that any casino which will not honour the customers’ winnings would not be a safe casino to play at. Do note that there may be legitimate reasons whereby the player is not being paid, for example if they have cheated or if they faill to fulfil the terms of a bonus offer. 

However, a rouge casino often relies on excuses such as these and refuse to pay out for the player’s entitled share of money. Instead, they might try to make accusations against the customer, all so that they will not be able to cash out. 


  • Slow Pay 

With the same reasoning of Non-payment as above, if a casino takes too long to pay the players back, it is often because they do not actually have the intention to pay the money, or that the casino does not have the cash flow to do so. Both are rouge behaviour. 

But do note that just because a casino takes a little longer to pay out its customers, it does not always mean that they refuse to do so, it may be a genuine technical error! 


  • Predatory and Changing Terms 

Next, online casino red flags is predatory and changing terms. You may have seen outrages terms and requirements such as putting a cap on how much money you can win etc. These are some of the tricks used by shady casinos to convince a player to sign up for more bonus or promotion instead of allowing them to cash out. 

These casino may also change their terms on the fly in order to support their argument, when there is a conflict. In short, they will be willing to do anything in order to secure their money. 


  • Licensing Regulation 

This is another online casino red flags. It is absolutely vital for a casino to hold proper licenses in order to run their business. However, some casinos ma still run the business despite not being able to secure proper licenses. Asa  result, they may opt to locate themselves in an area lax about regulations. 


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