Maxim88 has been on the headlines of online casino review sites due to its exponentially growing customer base and very generous pay-offs to each and every customers, despite that fact that it may have gone mainstream and started marketing to casual players, Maxim88 has maintained its legacy as the best online gambling site in South-East Asia. With more and more individuals throughout the world signing-up to the platform and general valuation shy of 265 million dollars in its net-worth, this platform has definitely made its name as one of the top online casinos in the world.


With a wide variety of games and services to select from, Maxim88 will definitely be the go-to site for online casinos in the year 2022. In this article, we will explore more on what the platform has to offer and what we will be expecting from the platform based on rumors and leaked information.


Monthly Bonuses and Promotions

Through word from an insider executive, we were notified that Maxim88 plans on bringing in more earnings through additional promotions that will give customers even more benefits. They may also be implementing a daily log-in system to gauge customer’s loyalty and giving further discounts for those reaching a certain log-in count. That said, we really do hope this is true since it’ll definitely give customers an edge in getting the big winnings through its platform.


More Games and Opportunities.


Maxim88 has no doubt gotten a handful of successful gambling software developers under its wing. This will increase the games offered ranging from fishing-games, roulette, slot machines and many more. Other additional projects are mostly on adding in customer satisfaction for their live-casino services. They also have things planned for the metaverse however this is still in the planning phase, so we’d definitely be on the lookout for more information.


MOBA & E-Sports


After seeing the eSports having a wide fan-base, insiders have noted that there has been plans through the market analysis that they will be acquiring additional developers to develop MOBAs which you can place bets on your own game. This has been a hot rumor amongst players who are well-versed in e-sports competitions as they will be able to bet on themselves and with each game that they’ve won, they’ll also be winning a prized pot. 


Safety & Security


As frequent users may know, the platform itself is licensed by the Curaçao Gaming Control Board and also the Gambling Commission of UK, Maxim88 is on its way to being accredited by the Malta Gaming Authority with the on-going process started during Q3 of 2021. This is huge news as the Malta Gaming Authority is the gold-standard for online gambling service providers. 



With so many expectations and rumors relating to Maxim88, we can safely say that there’s no other platform which is better than Maxim88 especially relating to online gambling. For those who are interested, you may use our referral code which entitles you to receive a sign-up bonus.