Man Scammed RM10k For Being “Too Greedy” Greed Isn’t Always Good

If you are a fan of movies, you might have watched the famous movie called Wall Street. In that movie, the character of Michael Douglas is shown to be a wealthy businessman who has made most of his money on Wall Street. He had a very famous quote “Greed Is Good”. He iterated that greed was just another word for motivation. Well, that might be true in some cases but for some, it is just a way to get scammed. Greediness can blind you and a man from Kuala Lumpur understood that the hard way.


Man Scammed RM10k For Being "Too Greedy” Greed Isn’t Always Good
Man Scammed RM10k For Being “Too Greedy” Greed Isn’t Always Good


Late last night a young man (name kept secret) in his thirties entered a major casino in Kuala Lumpur. He seemed like an eager young man who was determined to win big that night. However, destiny had something else stored for him. As educated as that person looked he was a victim of an ongoing scam.

He visited the Casino to earn some extra bucks but it seemed like he gave in to his greed. No matter how much a flamboyant character tells you that Greed Is Good, you should realize that it should only be taken as a motivational factor. While he was playing at the casino, he was approached by two people who were dressed in very professional attire. They told him that the casino was doing a lucky draw. To which the guy profoundly said, “I want in”. They took his name and phone number and then told him that he will be notified about the results of the lucky draw on the phone.

When the guy was approached for this story he told us that he got a call in the morning by people telling him they were calling from the casino’s customer service and that he had won the lucky draw. The guy got happy and all he could think about was the million-dollar reward he was going to get. The person on the call asked him to provide his bank details and identity information. The guy was jubilated at that time thinking about the prize and he gave in all his bank details without thinking. After a few hours, his bank account was hacked and he was robbed of RM10K.

Be Vigilant!

Naturally, the guy was devastated. He reported it to the police and the police are working with the bank to trace the call. The Casino has issued a statement that there is no one who works there with a matching description as that described by the victim. These types of frauds are very common these days. In order to save yourself from such a scam, you have to be vigilant all the time. Make sure the people who approach you with such offers are actually workers of a certain place. I.e. in this case; the casino. You should observe if there are any banners or ads about the lucky draw. No matter what happens or how happy you are, ask yourself if something is too good to be true. You can win a lucky draw but people asking for your bank details over the phone should always ring a bell.


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