Man Experience The Most Luckiest Day To The Most Unluckiest Day In The Matter Of Seconds

Michael Gebru made headlines a few years back when a stroke of luck turned him into a millionaire overnight. Freshly laid off, he took a chance with a lottery ticket in Toronto. When he cashed in what he thought was a winning ticket for under fifteen dollars, Gebru discovered that he had won a little over $10 million and it was the luckiest day of his life.


Man Experience The Most Luckiest Day To The Most Unluckiest Day In The Matter Of Seconds
Michael Gebru


The lottery winnings made news channels and the word spread around the world. Pictures of Gebru holding a giant check were plastered across the internet. Everyone knew who Gebru was, and they knew that he said he wanted to help people in his home of Ethiopia.

Gebru grew up in Ethiopia with almost nothing, and he wanted to help other people in that same situation. After winning the lottery, he traveled between Canada and Ethiopia frequently and became well-known for both winning the lottery and the good deeds that he did for people back home.


The Bad News

The luxurious lifestyle and helping hand only last so long, however. During his latest trip to Ethiopia, Michael Gebru was found dead. Local authorities believe that this could have been the result of a robbery. Even though Gebru was doing wonderful things for the less fortunate, there could have been other people that simply wanted whatever he had, and they could have been willing to do whatever necessary to take it.

His family is deeply saddened, and several from his home of Toronto have reached out to the Canadian embassy in an effort to get answers, and to get justice.

This horrid tale of a lottery winner being thrust into unfortunate circumstances after winning is just one of the thousands that have hit the news. Women are robbed after leaving casinos, even if they only win a couple of hundred dollars. Individuals that win millions are stalked, threatened and blackmailed. Gebru is not the first winner that has been found dead, and he will more than likely not be the last. Individuals are even robbed after cashing in scratch-off lottery tickets at gas stations. As crime rate continues to rise across the world, lottery winners are more likely to experience crimes like these. From luckiest day to unluckiest day in seconds

This is why many people are turning to online casinos to get their gambling fix and enjoy their winnings in a safe environment. When winners hit it big at an online casino, their picture is not always posted on every news website. If people do not know that they have won thousands of dollars, they will not blackmail them or hunt them down. Instead, winners can enjoy spending their money on how they like in peace.

These winners will never get robbed after they leave the casino because they are gambling in the comfort of their own home. Granted, there are certain steps that people need to make to ensure that they are gambling at a reputable online casino, but these businesses remain the safer alternative. Online casinos are not just for shut-ins or people that do not have easy access to a casino anymore. They are for people that want to stay safe. 


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