Are Online Slots Hackable?

If you’re thinking about if it is possible to hack a casino slot, then the answer is yes. However, the techniques are unreliable.

As a fan of online casinos, then you’ve probably thought about the possibility of hacking one before. Not that promoting illegitimate means of making money is great; however, the thought of cheating the system might come up once in a while.

Over the years, there have been a lot of attempts to hack/cheat an online casino by top hackers. As a matter of fact, there is a popular story about a hacker who gained access to a game server and held the odds of a specific game in his favor. The result?… Extra security.

Thus, most online slots have premium security measures in place via encryption and other systems. Basically, online casinos enhance security systems via the knowledge of online scams and have not recorded a similar case in years.


Are Online Slots Hackable?
Are Online Slots Hackable?


Tricking The System

For the average person, hacking an online casino can be a struggle. With so much SSL encryption tactics, it definitely might be a huge failure. However, when it comes to tricking the system, there is a chance you might win some extra bucks.

Here are a few ways you can attempt to trick the system;

  • Proof Of Cheating

A lot of people have tried tricking online casino software into thinking they were cheated. How? Via screenshots.

A good example is showing a hand of cards and then proceeding to change it with other software options like photoshop. A complaint is lodged with a screenshot of the false game, and the player is reimbursed. Unfortunately, most online casinos have advanced systems that fact check such complaints. Thus, if you’re unlucky, you will get caught.

  • Strategy Botting

Another common method utilized by fraudulent users is Strategy Botting, especially for blackjack and poker. Essentially, these bots take the place of the player and process all of the pre-programmed strategies 24 hrs daily.

When unnoticed, these bots can easily make a player hundreds of dollars within a week. Fortunately, this method usually works, because bots aren’t noticed on time. So, you’d have made a lot before you’re caught.

  • Online Casino Slots Hacking Software

There is a myriad of software that claims to hack casino slots available. However, there really isn’t any that has seemed to work. As a matter of fact, most of the available options are malware created to illegally download users’ details. Hence, you definitely need to stay away from such software.

Why Hacking An Online Casino Slots Is Still Impossible

Online casino slots operate with a Random Number Generator (RNG) System. This way, no party, both user and software, are certain about what the preceding spins will produce. Hence, cracking a code without being able to tell its next move is almost impossible.

The trick most hackers use, however, is downloading a software programmed for all online slots. Running it alongside the casino slots will invalidate the RNG and probably tip it to benefit you.

To Wrap It Up

Simply put, hacking an online casino slot is possible; however, the methods aren’t safe or concrete. You can either get caught, lose your valued information to an unknown source, or waste your time. So, it is best to stick with gambling the right way, which is legal.


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