Is 918Kiss a Legit?

Whether 918 Kiss is a scam or not is one of the questions that is often asked by many newbie gamblers. But if you ask any experienced gamer, they will be affirmative that 918kiss is a popular and trusted casino which has been rebranded as SCR888. It’s the favorite among gamblers in Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei. It features slot games such as Captain’s Treasure, Highway Kings, and Great blue. 

However, 918 kiss have, in the past few months, been on a hot seat. Their app was attacked several times, resulting in glitches that made a few affected players claim that it was a scam.

Indeed the casino is still famous in the Asian gambling market even though there is immense pressure to have it blacklisted.  It receives praise and condemnations in quite a several forms and social media sites. The casino has also suffered from deeds of fake online casinos that use its name to target unsuspecting players. When such players are scammed or are unable to withdraw their money, they direct their anger to 918 Kiss. It is for this reason that the entity changed its name to SCR888

Note that indeed, a few of their agents have scammed players using their name. They make it difficult for winning players to withdraw their money.


So why should players use 918 kiss?

Online gambling is risky. You get your data exposed, and many things are likely to go wrong. Also, the chances are high that you could end up being scammed. But 918 Kiss is a popular and secure platform that allows you to gamble online and enjoy it. Here are the reasons why you should try your luck at kiss918.


It is mobile friendly.

It is a leading online gambling platform in Asia you may want to consider. Technology sets it apart from other gambling platforms since it allows you to even gamble on computers. The shift to the online platform allows customers to download and gamble on mobile devices. It means that you can gamble on the go. This is vital because it allows you to gamble anywhere at any time.


It is easy to use

Before kiss918 was launched, online gambling experienced uncountable problems. They included difficulties in attracting quality players and winning the trust of the gamblers.  The old platforms never had rooms to teach new gamblers the skill. They always assumed that all players were seasoned and mastered how to play the poker game. Some of these problems led to an increase in fraud cases, and many players got scammed.

But when 918 Kiss came around, it made things easier. They made the platform easy and convenient for newbies. There were instructions new players could follow as they learned how to gamble online.



As mentioned earlier, scams and fraud were the order of the day in the traditional gambling platforms. People got cheated of their hard-earned cash as they experienced uncountable losses. But 918 kiss turned things around when they introduced a secure platform that guarantees the safety of money and data.

The company is licensed to engage in online gambling and uses state-of-the-art technology, including software, to enhance players’ security. Also, the platform encrypts both the outgoing and incoming connection with 128 bits that makes it secure.


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