How to Claim Money Back From Online Casino

You’ve just realized that money was taken from your casino account without your knowledge. What do you do? Several issues may arise with your money while gambling online including unauthorized card payments. It is possible to claim your money back from an online casino. Depending on the circumstances, below are appropriate ways of making such requests. 


Unauthorized Payment on Cards

Often, players find out that their balance has reduced significantly even when they have not made purchases. If this has happened to you, it could be that someone illegally accessed your card information. Whether that person is a stranger or a familiar friend, you have to find a way of cutting them off. 

First, inform your bank concerning what has happened. The bank will block your card, making it impossible for anyone to make further transactions. From there, you can request a chargeback for the unauthorized payment. Most likely, the request will be successful. 


Self-Excluded but Still Gambling

If you want to request a refund from your online casino because you lost more money than you had initially intended (which most people do), then you are going to fail. In this case, you authorized a payment and lost your money. Therefore, there is nothing you can do about the situation because a refund request will likely be denied. 

However, if you have informed your casino that you want to be self-excluded, then you shouldn’t get an opportunity to play at the site anymore. In case you manage to deposit and play after receiving the self-exclusion confirmation, your claim might be considered. 

One thing you should note, though, is that self-exclusion usually expires within a day. 

If you registered a fresh account with totally different details, you can’t hold the casino accountable for this.


Important Tips

  • In case you notice that there are some transactions you did not make, report them immediately. It may mean someone has your details.
  • It is unethical to report a transaction that you made and are now regretting. Besides, doing so will lead to serious consequences like being blacklisted. Severe losses can be a lesson on what you can comfortably part with. 
  • Set your account limit. That’s why it is important to register on a legitimate online casino site. Such a casino has the option of setting account limits. It is advisable to determine how much you are ready to part with before setting your limit. Doing so ensures that you enjoy online gambling without worrying about losing more than you intend. 


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