What casinos do to prevent cheating

Annually, casinos can earn up to $70 billion in revenue. By making such an astonishing amount, it has become an attractive target for scammers. Casinos know about this and many steps are taken to protect themselves from being cheated out of their money. Scammers are very creative and come up with many ways to illegally cheat from casinos. Some of the scamming tricks and ways that casinos use to prevent cheating are compiled below.


Methods used to cheat

Scammers continuously come up with new methods to scam casinos of their money. Even with the constantly improving security of casinos, some of them still successfully pull off their scams.


  1. Passing on information to other gamblers

Scammers operate in groups most of the time. One person can find a spot where he can get good vision of the dealer’s cards. This person will then use transmitters to pass on this information to the players that he or she is collaborating with. The transmitters that are used have become more advanced as the years pass, and similarly, the detection methods that casinos use have also improved. Even with improved    technology, monitoring players on the floor is still something very important. Staff members whose job is to specifically debug is also employed to prevent communication amongst these scammers.


  1. Collaborating with the Dealer

This method is very frequently used among scammers. For example, a dealer can do something called a “false shuffle”, in which some of the cards are kept in the same order as before they were dealt. Casinos prevent this from happening by monitoring the dealers as well as the players. Aside from placing cameras on the tables, they also keep track of every dealer’s and player’s losses and winnings. By doing so, they will know if one table is doing better than others. Dealers will not be eager to participate in scams as they know they are being monitored and the consequence of being caught is far too great. Casinos also have strict background checks of the people they hire to ensure scammers and cheaters won’t be hired.


  1. Scrutinizing the dealer’s hands

Dealers are still human and make mistakes no matter how professional they are. Due to this, dealers may occasionally tip their hold card unintentionally. Players get a chance to peek at their hand when this happens and will know what they have. In order to avoid this, casinos will have to make sure their dealers undergo proper training. Punishments will need to be enacted for dealers that are unable to hold their cards properly.


  1. Replacing cards with better ones

Another way that is often used is by substituting a card in their hand with a better card. This is usually done stealthily and by cooperating with another player. Elaborate techniques have been developed to carry out this rather straightforward method and some of them have been successful. Devices are used to bypass the surveillance that casinos have in place. Casinos are very aware of this method as it has been around for a long time. Keeping track of each and every card on the table is one way to tackle this issue as well as being aware of players who wear long sleeve shirts.


Severe punishments for Cheating

The most extreme outcome for cheating is being sentenced to prison. There will still be some cheaters that will get away without any punishment. Prison sentences can range from a few days to up to many years depending on the crime committed. This is to prevent cheating.


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