Housewife Duped Out Of RM6,150 In Online Gambling Scam

Over the years, online gambling has become a sort of a stable source of passive income for many. A lot of questions surround the reason why online casino has become so rampant in several parts of the world. Even though there is a large market for it, it involves a lot of risks.

Many people lose a lot of money as a result of online gambling. For instance, in Sibu, a housewife recently lost over RM6, 150 to a supposed online casino. This, however, isn’t shocking, as there are a lot of reported cases all year round.


Housewife Duped Out Of RM6,150 In Online Gambling Scam
Housewife Duped Out Of RM6,150 In Online Gambling Scam


A lot of transactions on the internet is a risk and can instantly go south in an instant. Nevertheless, there are major benefits and reasons why many people do not mind online gambling;

  • It Is Fun

Online casino sites seem to increase as the day goes by, and sometimes, you can easily lose track. This is because one of the primary reasons why people gamble is the excitement that comes with it. The thrill associated with taking a risk is like no other and is a great reason why people do it.

  • It Is Convenient

Online casino sites are really convenient and easy to engage in. Unlike other forms of gambling, which requires you to go to a specific location, online gambling is different. So, asides from how fun it is, making some cash from your home sound like a great idea.

  • Additional Bonuses

Another real fact why a lot of people love online gambling is because of the bonuses they stand to win. A majority of online gambling sites offer clients a variety of incentives for betting with them. These incentives can boost your earnings a lot more.


Why Online Gambling Might Not Be For You

Like a lot of other online processes, there are risks attached to it. One of the major issues with using online casino sites is the risk of coming across scam gambling sites. These scam sites end up swindling unsuspecting victims of their money. A good example is a housewife, who was robbed of RM6, 150.

On the 25th of April. 2019, a 38yr old victim filed a police report about being scammed on Facebook. According to the Sidu OCPD Ass. Comm. Stanley, Jonathan Ringitt, she was contacted by a man on Facebook, who introduced himself as an online gambling operator.

According to her, she was told she could get bonuses for every game she played. She then transferred RM6, 150 on the 12th of March, to an account provided to her in hopes of getting her bonus. The account name, however, belonged to a Maria Anthony Paramasivan. After waiting for her bonus, she was asked to transfer another sum of RM17, 000 to claim a free trip to Hong Kong, as well.

It was at this point that she decided to alert the police because she realized she had been scammed.



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