Common Myths in 918kiss slots

As Halloween is approaching, we planned to look at some common myths and superstitions related to slot machines. Whether you believe it or not, we will give you a few things to think about online gambling.

Many slot players believe that individual actions might help them increase their chances of winning on the slots such as warming coins or even rubbing the screen. Or playing on certain days and not on others is a very common and a significant myth.

There are many myths related to slot machines, and we shall discuss some of the most common ones in this article.


Section 1: Common 918kiss slots Machine Myths

  1.   918kiss slots machine just paid out so it won’t pay again

A false myth. The spin is always random, and whether you are going to win in that spin or lose is ultimately a luck trial, and the same applies to each subsequent turn. While it is improbable, yet it is possible to hit two jackpots in a row on 918kiss slots.

  1.   Someone else came along and hit the jackpot as I stopped playing.

If you ever witnessed someone come along, place three coins in and win the jackpot, you might have wondered that they won your prize, but I’m afraid that’s not right. uIn order to do that, they will have to hit the spin button the very same millisecond as you, and that is so not possible. Therefore, even if you played on 918kiss slots the whole day, you may never see the jackpot appear.


  1.   It is tougher to win on 918kiss slots with five reels since there are more reels.

An utterly wrong ideology. The number of reels does not affect your chances of winning in any way. They have a higher chance of hitting the jackpot because there are more winning combinations.


Section 2: 918kiss slots Machine superstitions


Hey you, is it Tuesday yet?

We contacted some of the most renowned online casinos for slot players due to their unique games and top-class customer service. We asked for the maximum jackpot hits on particular days of the week. After going through the list, we concluded the day did not have the slightest bit of effect on hitting the jackpot because they were random.


When were the most jackpots won?

Now is the time when you find out that your superstitions might be correct. If you selected Tuesday as the favorite day to play, you were probably right. The majority of the jackpots won at some famous casinos were on Tuesday, followed by Thursday and Saturday, which tied up for the second rank. Monday and Wednesday came in third, and on Friday and Sunday, gamblers won the least number of jackpots. on Friday and Sunday



You can have as many superstitions as you want. You can form as many false beliefs as you want, but trust me, that won’t alter your chances of winning a jackpot at 918kiss slots Machine. All slots use random number generators, which cannot be affected by anything you do. However, two strategies can help you play longer, and they are a sound money management strategy and comps. Learning to manage your money correctly will enhance your chances of at least tying up if not winning.


August 25, 2020