Cheaters would be advised to steer clear of Baha Mar


The Baha Mar casino in Nassau, The Bahamas was hit with two unscruplous players while it was still in it’s soft-launch back in 2017. The two was quickly sent to jail and was given a sentence of two years for trying to cheat the casino. 


According to The Nassau Guardian, two players, both from Florida, swapped out some roulette chips on the second operation day at the Baha Mar casino. Roulette chips usually do not have values printed on them, the croupier will give players a fixed colour of the chips with a certain value worth at that particular table. If the coloured chip is taken to another table whereby the chips are worth, for example, $1,000 instead of $500, the player would have doubled his money there. 


The two was spotted by one of the casino security, who said that he observed one of the players putting chips in his pocket, and then later on placing those chips in the bathroom for the second player to collect them and use it on another table where the chips were worth more. The second player ended up collecting $5,946 from the dealer by the end of the night. 


In front of acting Chief Magistrate Subusola Swain, both players admitted to gaining profits from the arrangement and the scheme. Police found about $800 worth of chips which were subsequently returned to the casino. Police also seized about $1,824 in cash from the two. 


The two defendants stated that they were convinced by a person with the name of ‘Marco’ to take part in the arrangement. They pleaded for leniency and a lower sentence from the judge. However, the judge was not convinced and told them off by stating that “Had you not been caught, you would have gotten away” The judge also stated that she could will not condone to such crime and could not ignore the nature of the crimes at the recently opened casino. 


The Baha Mar casino opened on April 21, 2019 as the largest in the Carribean, with an approximate size od 100,000 square feet. It offers more than a thousand slot machines, 126 gaming tables, sports and race betting, mobile gaming as well as high-end restaurants and bars throughout the casino. 


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