Chargeback Casinos: Everything You Need To Know About Online Casino Chargebacks

If you’re asking whether it is possible to get a refund from an online casino site, then you are in the right place. Online casino chargebacks are possible. While this might sound like a great idea, however, you have very slim chances of successfully getting your money back. Besides, you need to know a whole lot of things about the chargeback process before making an application. 


Quick Facts

  • Online casinos will always fight chargeback requests
  • Telling lies can lead to litigation
  • Making excess chargeback requests can result in a player being blacklisted


What are Online Casino Chargebacks?

A chargeback generally means the process of returning funds to a customer. For this to happen, the customer has to file a claim to a payment provider showing why the service provider should return the money.

A chargeback is a lawful consumer protection mechanism. However, chargebacks are more effective in the US than in European countries like Germany and Sweden. Sadly, they are ineffective in third world countries, and some of these nations lack a chargeback system.

One tricky part about online casino chargebacks is that you can only file a claim if your country’s law permits it. 


What You Need to Know in Making Successful Chargebacks

The first thing to know is that a chargeback claim is only successful if you can prove to your payment provider that the online casino’s services were faulty. The service here refers to the opportunity to play games at the casino. 

Since online casinos do not guarantee that players will win prizes, they can easily dispute your claim by stating that they offered the service as per their promise. 

Proving your claim is possible if you played in an unlicensed casino website or the casino rigged the game’s RTP rates. While it may be easy to prove the former claim, the latter is no simple task. That is why many online casino chargeback claims are unsuccessful. 


Payment Options for Chargebacks

Although most chargeback requests stem from credit card transfers and VISA and MasterCard casino sites, other payment options also support the process. They include Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin, and wire transfer. 


Time Limits for Chargebacks

A chargeback request’s time limit can range from 90-120 calendar days. The countdown begins from the day the transaction was made.


Consequences of Gambling Chargebacks

Online casinos give each player a unique ID to stop chargebacks and minimize fraudulent or unauthorized payment risks. 

Payment providers deny most online gambling chargeback requests. Besides, the casino can ban your account, whether the chargeback is successful or not. Therefore, making a chargeback claim requires careful consideration. 


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March 12, 2020