Best Tips To Avoid Online Casino Scams And Play Safely

Beyond being fun, gambling should be safe. The costliest mistake you can ever make is to play at the wrong untrustworthy, rogue online casino. The fact that there are some rogue online casinos should not discourage you from gambling for fear of getting ripped off. You may need to know tips to avoid online casino scams.

Whereas there are many reliable and licensed casinos on the internet, there are also some unlicensed operations and scams that you need to be careful about. To avoid getting ripped off, you should learn to distinguish between the trustworthy and the rogue casinos.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you avoid getting scammed:

Check the Casino’s Licensing

Nearly all online casinos display details of their license at the foot of their site’s main page for all to see. If no license information is provided even within their terms, it means that you are likely to lose your money if you gamble at that site.  Never risk playing at such a site.


The Casino’s Reputation

The Internet is full of casino review sites as well as forums. You need to take ample time to look at them to learn from the experiences that other players are sharing about a particular casino site that you are interested in. If, after analyzing overall positive and negative feedback you find a lot of information is not in favor of a casino, just pick another site recommended by the majority of the players.


Payment Options

Trustworthy online casinos authorized to accept gamblers from regions they are serving offer diverse options to deposit and withdraw from your account. Beware of sites that don’t support any of the main safe and popular payment methods such as MasterCard or Visa, credit cards or Skrill or Neteller both of which are well-known e-wallets.

Some sites will not accept every means of payment, and depending on your location, the availability of certain payment methods may differ.  However, you should avoid making any deposit if Western Union or direct transfer of money between bank accounts is the only option available. 


Beware of Outrageous Bonus offers  

A casino site is suspect if it appears to be making much effort and is offering abnormal welcome bonuses. Indeed, the house always wins, but it reaches a particular point where profits will be nullified by bonuses that are being paid out. A welcome bonus should range between 150% and 300%, which the majority of casinos will give.  Any offer above this calls for more research for more information on the casino and the firm operating it.


Check the Site’s Software Providers

A good sign that a casino site is reliable games from some reputable, independently licensed providers and game development firms.  The software of these game development companies is running on hundreds or even thousands of casino websites. There is no way they can work with rogue operators as that will tarnish their reputation or lead to revocation of their licenses, hence destroying them completely.

 While some sites will show a list of providers whom they work with, others won’t. In this case, you need to click around, load several games, and that will show the companies behind them. Some of the well-known companies include NetEnt, Play’n Go, Evolution, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, and PlayTech among others.

Remember, although gambling is controlled in most countries, the Internet is not. This is why you must be careful and protect yourself. There are scammers out there who can construct a website and pretend to be what they are not. It is extremely important to do proper research.

If you are in doubt or for some reason don’t feel comfortable, follow your instinct and leave the site.  Be smart enough to look for elsewhere to play, after all, there are multiple sites that are safe for you to play at.


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