Throughout the years, Baccarat has been the go to game of many people due to its simplistic nature and fast-paced gameplay. For those who is looking at online casino games and also the thrills of mano-a-mano’esque 007 showdown type of game, look no further than the Baccarat. In this game, there will only be three outcomes, victory to either the player or banker, or a tie in between. With Maxim888, you’ll be able to enjoy demos or even play live with live players & bankers through its platform.


The rules of the game

Similar to Blackjack, the goal of the game is to get your hands as close to the value of 9.

Ace will hold the value of 1, The other cards from 2 through 9 face value while 10s, King, Queen & Jack has zero value. Using simple maths, you just add the value of the 2 cards and the final total closest to 9 wins. However, in the event if your card exceeds 10, then you’ll have to deduct the first digit. An example would be that if your hand has 6 and 10, you’ll add them together to 16 and take away the first digit giving it a total of 6.


Making bets

Betting in this game is really easy

 deposit incentives where you will literally get free cash from topping-up your account’s credits. But that’s not all,


Other fun & Exciting Games

Whenever you’re having burn-out playing baccarat, there’s always other games which you can choose from including Poker, Blackjack, slot machines and many more which you can explore. All games featured in Maxim88 are designed and playtested by various well-known gambling software developers such as Playtech & Joker. Not only are they safe, this platform has the obtained official license from Curacao and also UK Gambling commission. 


Customer Service

One of the biggest strengths of Maxim88 is the customer service provided. With a 24-hour helpline service and also various other methods of contact, this platform has received a very high rating from the UK gambling commission for its quick and responsive services which closes many queries with a lead time of less than a day.



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