Looking for a good online casino to play can be an overwhelming experience. There are just so many online casinos out there to choose from and players will experience headache just by determining which one of them should they trust. Not every online casino is reliable, there are a lot of aspects to consider before you can settle on a good choice. This is why we are here to help. For you newcomers in the online casino scene out there, here are a few malaysian online casino that are approved by us:




First off the list is Winclub88, the online casino has a good design and good security. The online casino provides an attractive welcome bonus that requires no deposit. At the online casino you can play a lot of live table games that feature a stable streaming service, providing for a truly immersive experience. The online casino has a sports betting platform, along with all sorts of other entertainment content such as card games including poker and baccarat. Our rating for the online casino is four out of five stars.




Next up we have Regal88, where you can play with gorgeous hot ladies. These ladies are influencers online and it is certainly an honor to have a seat face to face with them at a live table. After all, gambling is all about socializing, and it is certainly a splendid socializing experience when you play the multiplayer games provided by Regal88. Our rating for the online casino is four out of five stars.




BK8 is also known as Bolaking, it is the most well-known online betting platform not only in Malaysia but all across Asia. The reputation of BK8 has certainly spreaded all across the globe because even goal scoring genius Robin Van Persie himself had signed up to become a brand ambassador for the online casino. Here you can also read up on the latest match up news, analysis and predictions. We rate it five out of five stars.




For a one of a kind online casino experience, look no further than QQClub. QQClub is a chinese based online casino currently working their way into international standards. The online casino is growing at a rapid pace due to their impressive arsenal of games and superb live streaming service. Almost every live table game is available here, just hop on the app and jump into a game whenever you like, unlimited lobbies, no waiting required at all. Currently the online casino is rated at four out of five stars.




Royal77 is where you can gamble like royalty. The customer service here operates 24/7 with all sorts of means to contact them. There is a team of dedicated professionals working tirelessly so that customer satisfaction is guaranteed. We certainly commend this effort, and wish that more people would check out the exquisite games and live table experiences offered by Royal77. As of now, Royal77 is on its way into the top ranking online casinos in Malaysia, we rate it four out of five stars.




ECLBet has allows e-sports betting, virtual sports betting, football betting, among others. Players can place bets on the go with their amazing online casino app available on all platforms. The transaction process at ECLBet is certainly impressive, and this is the most important feature due to the nature of betting itself. Any second wasted is money wasted, and the team at ECLBet certainly understands this as they work non-stop to polish their online casino design and kept on improving until every customer that has ever visited their site leave with a smile on their face. ECLBet is rated at four out of five stars. 




The best slot games in the market are all at 96slots. Not only do they have a wide selection of unique slot games, but the quality of all of their slot games are truly outstanding as well. Their online software providers include SpadeGaming, Playtech, Mega888, 918Kiss among countless other wonderful sources. Anyone who is even slightly into slot games should definitely check out 96slots, we simply can not resist being addicted to their games. 96slots is now rated at five out of five stars in Malaysia.




KKslots is another Malaysian online casino that is prominent and trusted source of slot games for gamers, one can even consider it to be a paradise of slot games due to the top of the shelf entertainment content that they provide. Not to mention the amazing daily bonuses, event bonuses, promotions and special offers for their members that they constantly churn out to attract customers. It is very rare to find an online casino as generous as KKSlots, which is why they are rated at four out of five stars.




Dafabet is one of those underrated gems in the online casino industry. Not many people are aware of it but let us assure you that the service they provide at dafabet is nothing less than satisfactory. We love how they treat their customers, and we genuinely think more people should check out dafabet. They provide a safe and worry free platform for online bettors to place their sports bets, and also provide guides, tutorials, match analysis and prediction for beginners so that they can start on betting right away. We rate dafabet at four out of five stars.


12 Bet

12 Bet

Acting as a platform for sports betting aside, 12 bet is a Malaysian online casino that also offers a wide range of entertainment content for their users. The name 12Bet is frequently referenced in ranked list of top online casinos from around the world. Almost every type of player can satisfy their thirst for gaming here, they offer slot games, live table games, roulette, lottery, you name it. They also have custom tailored promotions waiting for their users to claim, it would be insane to miss this chance of receiving free cash giveaways from the online casino. 


Did we mention your favorite online casino? It is important that you make sure the online casino you visit is approved, or you are putting yourself, your information and your money at risk. Send us some of your favorite online casinos so we can review them as well. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!


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