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We are currently living in an era where casinos have become the fastest growing market in Asia, this is especially true for online casinos. Asians have always nested the largest community of gambling enthusiasts in the whole world due to the fact that gambling has been embedded into their culture ever since the dawn of civilization. The online casino is blooming and thriving which means it will also experience the largest flood of newcomers in the industry, and this worries us for one specific reason, but we’ll come back to that later. 


First off, some details about us. We are a team of gambling enthusiasts that have come together to start a gambling-related blog to write about our passion. Our team consists of members from all across the globe, from Europe to Asia. As of 2019, we have racked up to a total 120 writers and journalists whom all share the same level of passion for gambling. All of us have come together and pour our effort into creating this blog with one mission in mind, and it is related to the aforementioned problem that worries us: the scamming problem in the casino industry. And we’re not talking about consumers scamming casinos, either, though that is a horrible practice and on top of that it is also illegal, so we definitely do not condone it. We are talking about the other way round, that is: being scammed by a fake casino. Casino scams are not at all rare in the online scene, and it worries us that the reputation of online gambling culture will be tarnished when  one of the newcomers to the online casino scene inevitably falls victim to a scam. Therefore, our mission is to spread awareness about the scamming problem in the casino industry in hopes of inspiring authorities to take action against these condemnable practices meanwhile simultaneously aid our readers in preventing classic traps set down by these scammers online. 


If you have read any of our casino reviews on our reviews tab, in which we cover availability and variability of game modes, design and functionality ease of access, size of player base and most important of them all, security and privacy for online casinos, you will immediately realize that the security of an online casino has always been our main concern. Having large quantities of games with top of the shelf qualities along with huge prizes to be won can be attractive to us, but in the end, it comes down to if any harm will come to the casino patrons that we worry about the most. Some casinos do not protect the privacy of their consumers and this type of bad practice should be avoided at all cost, it is the actions of these irresponsible casinos that the image of casinos are damaged. In order for the casino market to truly thrive, especially in Asia, we must spread awareness and weed them out of the market forever. To further elaborate on this, our goal has always been to spread useful knowledge and raise awareness, everything we write and publish, we do it with the readers’ interests in mind.


Gambling can be seen as pure, unadulterated entertainment, but it also comes with its potential risk. Risk number 1: without self-control, it is inevitable for a naive player to face financial loss of some sort, to varying amounts of degree, when participating in gambling — which is why our cause also involves promoting responsible gambling. Our philosophy is that gambling should be fun and never stressful, so if any of you readers out there ever find yourself in a particular scenario while gambling when you start to feel pressure, remember to never be ashamed to opt-out as fast and as politely as possible. After all, it’s all fun and games until someone goes bankrupt from gambling. Risk number 2: there are countless opportunists out there looking to exploit casino patrons, so we are always here to remind our readers to be cautious at all times, never let your guard down and, as mentioned before, promptly opt-out if a situation seems even remotely shady. Awareness is important, and it is all we ever write about. We promote awareness by exposing scammers and their tactics, our work steers people away from harmful and exploitative situations.Through this blog, the ultimate destination is a future where casinos are deemed to be as safe as a children’s playground. 


For more information or any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us, we are friendly and always ready to have a chat with our beloved readers. Here on our blog we write news articles, guides, tips and tricks for gambling, reviews of online and offline casinos and many more gambling-related topics. Visit the contact us page to find out ways to reach out to us, whether it be through email, whatsapp, wechat or live chat, do not hesitate, after all, answering questions is part of our job! If you too, like us, are extremely passionate about gambling and wish to help out with our projects, interviews or writing, write us an email and we can schedule a meeting as soon as possible. Our requirements are simple, that you are love gambling as much as we do. You do not have to be very knowledgeable about gambling, we will always welcome newcomers. We provide training, education, promotion and all sorts of benefit for our staff. Come join our family and work together with us!